Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cardboard Challenge Compliments

With the Second Annual Cardboard Challenge (inspired by Caine's Arcade) coming up, I thought I'd just bring some extra materials and try something new that day. Then I saw this idea, tweeted out from Gallit Zvi. A place for students to leave compliments? Great way to spread smiles throughout our students' time at school.

Time Length:
     This took me about one and a half hours. It would take a little longer had I not had a box full of scrapbook paper. It would take a little less time if I didn't want to decorate it with stamps or directions.

     Not wanting the directions to be too rigid, but wanting some guidance for students.
     My OCD kicking in, as always - I wish I could have been more patient and asked students to decorate it. I think it would look much better. When I compare it to the original one, the green pattern doesn't "pop" like the other one. Kids would've done much better - maybe they'll want to make a new one.
     Wrapping packing tape around it to make it last longer. Why did I do that when I think it could look even better?!?!

What made it easier:
     Using 12 x 12 scrapbook paper - you only need one sheet - to cover the tissue box.

What I might try when I display it:
     Using a digital frame that shuffles through pictures. I'd like to take pictures of beautiful, yet simple compliments, and have them scrolling through, just in case 7th graders don't know what to say. HOWEVER... If I give them examples, will those be the only ones that show up in the box? Any ideas?