Monday, December 23, 2013

Duct Tape Wallet

The kids have everything these days... But my niece did not have a wallet! Yippee! I used this YouTube Video (see below) to help me along the way, and I kept going back to this wiki as well... Best thing about this project? It is my favorite gift to give this year! Side bonus: It seems as if it will last forever. :)

Time Length:
     An hour... if you have both colors of tape. I looked at the wiki before I saw watched the YouTube video, so I had only purchased the "fun-colored" tape.

     Having to go back to the store to get the solid-colored tape.
     Cutting the tape could get tricky.
     Now my nephew wants one.

What made it easier:
     TWO colors of tape - decorative (for the outside) and solid (for pockets and trim).
     Pieces cut ahead of time.
     Having clear packing tape for the ID (clear) pocket.
     Doing this in one sitting. It's not something you can stop in the middle of...

Update from 5/4/2014:
I created another for my nephew's birthday today (the one for my niece was a HIT), and made one for my son-in-law, as well, while I was at it! Camouflage, it is...  :D