Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anniversary Gift

Our second anniversary was coming up... We didn't want to spend a ton of money on "things," but I had to do something for Bob, so I looked at my pins. This one seemed simple and inexpensive enough. Our song lyrics and our initials... Simple. We'll keep it in the trailer, since we have nothing from the wedding there.

Time Length:
     This takes hardly any time at all. The planning of the size probably takes the most time, and making sure the letters are the right size takes a few minutes as well. All together - maybe an hour?

     Using a cheap frame ($1), and having the back be too flexible.

What made it easier:
     Deciding to go with the smaller size - 5 X 7 for this one.
     The Cricut machine - gave me the perfect size for the J & B.
     The heart punch I already owned.
     Short song lyrics - thanks, John Denver!


After seeing this pin of a seemingly simple piece of art, I knew I'd want to try it for SOMEthing. That something happened to be our newly-renovated (thanks, Bob!) bathroom!

Time Length:
     This took me about three hours - but that includes the canvas I messed up. This one here only took one hour.

     Wanting it to be perfect!
     My OCD kicking in - I wanted symmetry in the chaos.

What made it easier:
     Using the paint we already had for the bathroom wall and front door (darkest blue and lightest white). 
     Cheap foam paint brushes I could cut to different sizes.
     Small bottles of the three other colors I used - gray, light blue, and cream.
     The picture from the original website.
     Knowing that it's OKAY if it's not "perfect." (I did end up loving it!)

**Additional Note**
I saw a DIY on how to create this (although it's much more precise circles than what I had) on this blog post here. Check it out!

Crayon Art with Quotes

When I spent the day with my nephew, we decided to make Crayon Art! There are MANY websites that have been pinned out there regarding crayon art...

Project #1:

Project 2: 

Time Length:
     Each one took us an hour or so, but once we figured out the designs, the most time was for taking off the paper and gluing on the crayons. Taping the heart shape could (and should, if you do it correctly) take a little bit of time.

     Forgetting the coupon for Michael's when we bought the canvases.
     Buying Dollar Store crayons instead of Crayola, then having to purchase Crayolas. Dollar Store crayons DO NOT MELT!
     Splatter from crayon melts - be sure to do this outside and have something to "catch" the melting.
     Don't glue the crayon - put hot glue on the canvas first.

What made it easier:
     Planning ahead of time.
     Learning from my nephew that it doesn't have to be perfect!
     Knowing you can always go back and change it - melt more if you'd like!

If you want to see the entire process and my entire reflection, check out this blog post.

New Teacher Gift

After seeing this pin of a beautiful letter "B" in pencils, I had to try this for our two new 7th grade ELA teachers at our school.

Time Length:
     About one day to purchase the supplies and begin sharpening, and another to put it all together, along with the cut out. This was a weekend project for me, but it could be done within a day.

     Blisters from sharpening pencils, until I decided to go ahead and use an electric one instead, even if I might ruin it (I didn't!).
     Figuring out what length would look the best, then gluing them down with the #2 side down.

What made it easier:
     Used a lineman pliers to cut the pencils down first, before sharpening the small ones.
     Cricut machine to cut the girl reading and grass. I love my Cricut!
     Dollar Store for the frames - take the glass out.