Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crayon Art with Quotes - Revisited

Back in June of 2013, I created what I thought were pretty darn awesome paintings using crayons.

Here is my newest (created because I saw this one on Deviant Art) and my favorite so far:

Time Length:
     Perhaps half an hour to create the color / crayon art, then 15 minutes to trace (via projector at school / work) the painter, and another 10 minutes to write the quote.

     Choosing from the myriad quotes I love.
     First I drew the painter free-hand. Not good. Too tiny. Very difficult to erase. (I can still see my original drawing...) Had to resort to tracing, but I love the way it looks now. Am I supposed to use something besides pencil to draw on canvas? Will something else erase better?

What Made It Easier:
     Not having to clue the actual crayons on to the canvas. NIIICE! I also like the looks of it better than the last few! (Especially since most of the crayons have fallen off of the others!)
     Using the projector to trace the painter.

I created another or a grandmother that continues to come in and share her time with us during Genius Hour. The painting is similar, but the quote is more appropriate for her, and the drawing is more accurate / better, in my opinion.